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Are you a writer? Pitch Us

Have a Great Idea for a Reality TV Show?  Pitch it & Partner with Us

We are actively developing and selling shows for new reality television shows.  While we mostly develop our own internally generated ideas, we recognize that a great idea can come from anywhere and people with great ideas may not have the kind of access we have to get those ideas sold and made.​

Do you have access to the next Duck Dynasty stars?  Is there a unique activity, occupation, world that hasn't been explored yet, or do you know and have a personal relationship with an incredibly dynamic person/celebrity that you think would be fantastic to build a new reality television show around?  Great! 



Here's How It Works:


1. Come up with a great and original idea - your idea has to be very original. Reality TV has been around for 20 years or more now and over a thousand TV shows have been sold, developed or already broadcast on television.

Don't just pitch us : it's Survivor - but with kids! It has already been thought of, pitched - and rejected. Your idea should be truly original and something that no one would likely have ever thought of. You can do a google search (or better yet a search on to see if your idea has already been done or is currently in development by a production company.


2. Add something of value if at all possible - If all you have is an idea for a show, you aren't bringing much to the table. Ideas are a dime a dozen. Also, ideas are not protectable, only the exact execution of ideas. Your best chance of selling something or partnering with us is to not just have an idea but something more. Maybe some video that illustrates your idea and your potential cast (these are referred to as "sizzle reels and talent reels"), signed agreements with potential cast members, an option on a book or some other property that is the basis for your show idea, etc. The more developed your idea is the better. If all you have is an idea, that's okay too. We can find a cast and negotiate option or rights agreements. But bring something more to the table if at all possible!


2. Fill out the pitch form below...But you must agree to our release waiver/submission agreement - per our lawyers - we cannot accept any material whatsoever without you first providing us with a signed release waiver. It is entirely possible that your idea isn't quite as unique as you think it is. We get pitched hundreds of ideas a year. The odds that no one has ever thought of your concept before is remote. That is why it is best to develop a unique spin on a show that has previously been successful, find a unique character or world that we haven't seen before, or a completely new and original format. However, keep in mind this mantra: Hollywood wants to buy whatever has been previously successful...only different.

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