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Feature Films

THE Snowmen

Screenwriters:  Jeff Swanson & John Dart

Genre:  Action / Drama / War


Capt. John March receives a new command far from the battle lines during WWII - a weather station in Greenland above the Arctic Circle.  Haunted by memories of his last command where all of his men were killed, he now finds himself babysitting a handful of scientists and weathermen who are the furthest thing from soldiers.


March and his men are put to the test when they are forced to take in a handful of surviving soldiers from a crippled German Submarine that burst through the ice in the frozen sound.  With no way in or out of the base for 3 months until the ice breaks up, attempts to re-supply the station fail, and food & supplies dwindle rapidly.  When the situation becomes critical, March takes half his men on a rescue mission to recover supplies and survivors from a downed re-supply plane - and the POWs takeover the base.  March then finds himeself having to face his past head-on and turn his band of scientists...into heroes.

Finalist -Top 40 Screenplay - 2013 Nicholl Fellowship

Grand Prize Winner - American Screenwriters Assoc


Screenwriters:  Jeff Swanson & John Dart

Genre:  Action/Adventure, Science Fiction


Multi-Billionaire Tom Quinn has a dream:  to turn the Moon into a new world - a utopia - free from war, greed, and all other ills that have plagued the Earth since time immortal.  His discovery of a new source of energy on the Moon promises to make that dream a reality, not only for his privately-built lunar base but for Earth as well which is on the verge of World War III over dwindling natural energy resources.


Forces in the US and Chinese governments however, motivated by greed and the potential loss of political power, see an opportunity to profit financially and politcally by framing Tom as an isolated, mentally disturbed terrorist that must be elimanted for the good of all mankind.  The chosen assassin - his own son!


If Tom's dream is to survive, he must expose the corruption and lies to prevent war from breaking out on two worlds.

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